Not just about all sellers provide gemstone grading lab reports (aka diamond quality reports) to their consumers. So the general advice in order to you is in order to keep your money within your pocket whenever dealing with such jewelers.

Only purchase a diamond engagement ring if it comes together with the original diamond quality report.

A lab report is definitely an independent evaluation from the 4Cs of a new loose diamond in addition to incorporates a plotted picture from the stone’s quality characteristics and a graphic representation of the stone’s ratios. Having such some sort of report allows you to compare diamond jewelry of different features and ultimately will help you make an extra informed buying decision.

A retailer may well cut corners plus not provide a lab report or perhaps an unscrupulous retailer may provide the fake one since of the period, trouble and charge he’ll bear to getting a natural stone graded.

Yeah : there is the price for grading a diamond (though that cost is eventually paid with the consumer), plus the shipping and insurance fees for sending the particular diamond to the lab. And allow us not forget the particular opportunity cost involving a jeweler not necessarily having the diamond in his retail store for sale with regard to a few days while the grading takes place.

However, some sort of diamond grading statement can also not be available since the expenses to getting one could impact too heavily on the final price in the band.

For example, a 0. 3ct diamond ring costing $250 claim, may cost around $75 to end up being graded and include the report number inscribed on typically the girdle on the particular diamond.

When you look for for that best diamond engagement diamond ring to your sweetheart, you will find that it comes with an alphabet soup of labs claiming to deliver reputable diamond grading reports. But I would only put my personal money on…

Typically the Premier Diamond Grading Lab Reports

Sure, all diamond high quality reports are certainly not of the same quality. Within the particular industry, this is a consensus that the two premier labs will be GIA-GTL (Gemological Start of America’s Gemstone Trade Lab) and the AGS (American Jewel Society Laboratories).

The particular GCAL (Gem Accreditation and Assurance Lab) also offers highly regarded reports or perhaps “diamond certificates” since they are called to by GCAL.

The GIA provides the strongest international reputation for freedom and consistency. Because of the constant color plus clarity strictness recommendations, the globe’s most significant and most pricey diamonds have already been sent there with regard to grading decades. Inside 2006, GIA-GTL added a two-dimensional slice grading system intended for round brilliant expensive diamonds.

AGS uses the particular strictest cut specifications in the sector. It uses some sort of three-dimensional light overall performance metric that could grade several gemstone shapes. In fact, it is the only cut grading system that is usually recognized by the particular scientific community.

Furthermore, its Diamond Quality Document uses an unique and proprietary 0 to 10 grading system to assess the 4 Cs – a program which is much easier to comprehend than GIA’s grading system. In fact , AGS even should go the extra action by equating their own 0-10 rating range to other forms associated with rating.

For example , typically the conventional VS1 diamond clarity rating is a 3 on the AGS Diamond Quality Document.

Diamond Revealing – The Drawbacks

one Diamond grading is not really standardized or even regulated and hence you may find tier 2 labratories that employ looser guidelines to typically the tier 1 grading labs mentioned above.

If you buy a diamond that has been graded by a rate 2 lab, an individual may end up paying out more for any reduced quality diamond. And so for example, some sort of diamond rated a new “F” in color at a tier 2 lab may possibly get a Grams, H, or lower color rating from a more respected lab.

The sector also discounts gemstones graded by reduced known labs by about 15-30% or maybe more. So either you merely buy a precious stone graded by a tier 1 labrador or you acknowledge that you may well be buying a smaller quality diamond than is stated for the statement if that gemstone is graded by a lesser known lab.

2. Numerous large chain shops have huge plans with lesser identified labs with “softer” diamond grading rules. Some of these softer labs put “suggested replacement values” for the lab reviews – values which often are more than precisely what stores intends market the diamonds intended for.

So a salesman inside of a chain store may say to be able to you, “Look at the great deal you are getting below. We are marketing you this diamonds engagement ring for $2500 nevertheless the report claims the suggested replacement unit value is $4000. ” Wow instructions such a deal instructions NOT! This is definitely why it will be better that you simply confidence only independent rate 1 labs.

In addition bear in brain that reputable precious stone grading reports are not appraisals and may offer appraisal characters. Diamond appraisals will be often grossly higher and are not necessarily something you’ll want to rely on.

3. Diamond reports are usually riddled with disclaimers that specify that nothing is “certified” or guaranteed plus that the labratories are not responsible for errors. In fact, the GIA offers a disclaimer of sorts on their website regarding the use of the particular word “certify. ” The website claims:

“It is inappropriate to state that students, graduates, their particular businesses, or specific gemstones are “certified” by GIA. The Gemological Institute involving America does not certify anyone or even anything. Neither a student nor a graduate who offers been awarded a certificate or diploma or degree, nor a gem that can be graded or perhaps identified by GIA has become certified by simply GIA”.

So this is possible that will you the consumer is usually left holding typically the bag should an inaccuracy in the report is after discovered. Courts include frequently ruled that will sellers, not labs, are responsible with regard to such errors. Why? Because the labs suggested beforehand that their particular reports couldn’t end up being held liable.

The good news is, there are a couple ways to give yourself more buyer protection:

A. You could soar to India in which jewelers give a lifetime buyback policy in order to their customers. Pricy to fly?

M. You could discover one of the particular 20% of US ALL jewelers who sell off fully bonded diamonds. These are diamonds that are offered with lifetime breakage, lifetime trade-in plus lifetime buyback guidelines.

C. Quite a bit less great a remedy just as buying a totally bonded diamond yet you could purchase a diamond that accompany an actual “certificate” and not a report. “Certified diamonds carry out come with guaranties” albeit for smaller durations.


A few sellers refer in order to a “diamond report” being a “certified diamond” but technically this particular is not appropriate. From a lawful standpoint, a diamonds report is some sort of simply a professional thoughts and opinions though in actuality, elements of a diamonds grading report are certainly not just opinions.

For example , a diamond’s carat (weight) can end up being accurately determined seeing that well as its cut grade by simply measuring its optical efficiency or by simply referring to some sort of computer model. Some sort of certificate alternatively is a statement of truth – a record for which the particular issuer accepts legal responsibility and will make restitution to typically the consumer for faults.

Some top diamonds grading labs present both reports and certificates. AGS provides Diamond Quality Papers (non-certified reports) in addition to also Diamond Good quality Certificates. Diamond Top quality Certificates are well prepared exclusively for AGS retail jewelers plus offers guaranties coming from participating American Jewel Society member stores.

GCAL certifies really diamond grading also. Its 100% refund guarantee policy is usually valid for a new period of a couple of years from typically the date on the applicable certificate. This kind of policy ensures typically the accuracy from the lower, color and clarity grades along with the carat weight.

A record or certificate need to will have a number on it which may or may certainly not be inscribed upon a diamond. Saphir It will be possible to enter that will number on the site involving the certifying laboratory to check some sort of report’s validity.

Factors Of A Gemstone Grading Record

Gemstone grading reports are always evolving yet certain element should remain the exact same. For example, the:

The Report #. This particular number is particular and recorded inside a lab’s record and may or may not end up being inscribed on a diamond’s girdle. An individual can your review number over a grading lab’s website in order to check the genuineness of the precious stone quality report or perhaps to get more information regarding the diamond.

Design & Facet Type: This is typically the outline and the trimming style used for the particular facet arrangement. There are 3 fundamental facet styles — “brilliant cut, phase cut and mixed cutting style” in addition to 12 basic designs which include notables like round excellent and princess cut” diamonds.

Measurements: This describes size (not weight) of some sort of diamond. Size consists of dimensions like length, width, weight and diameter. A way of measuring is typically shown to the hundredth of a millimeter. Sizes play a large role in just how a diamond sparkles.

Carat Weight: Typically the weight of the diamond is measured to be able to the hundredth of your carat and a few even provide such measure to the thousandth of any carat (1. 123ct. ). Carat is among the most goal and the least complicated to understand of the 4Cs due to the fact all you have to be able to do is weight the stone.

Coloring Grade: This lets you know the level regarding color absence inside the diamond. The particular less color the higher the grade.

Diamonds are commonly graded from D-Z; the closer to “D” the white in color the diamond. You should never see diamond color range for example (G-H, I-J-K, and thus on) about a diamond review. You should just see color ranges on appraisals regarding stones that are generally mounted.

Clarity Class: Virtually every diamond provides internal imperfections known as inclusions and exterior imperfections called spots. A diamond is usually graded according to be able to the size, variety, location and level of these flaws.

Clearness grades range by Flawless (FL) — Included. Labs employ a couple professionals to grade the clarity of a precious stone in order to think of a more accurate reading.

Cut Rank: More recent diamond reports include a cut grade with regard to standard round amazing diamonds. Cut uses into mind the elegance, fire and scintillation of the diamond. Trim grade ranges through Excellent – Poor.

Other elements an individual may find in a diamond review include the polish, symmetry, fluorescence and proportion. Armed together with this information, you happen to be better able to make an analysis of the high quality of diamond that is mounted in an engagement engagement ring.

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